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Edo akatsuki is kinda trash. The only considerable ones are Nagato and Itachi. ... The difference is that Konan's regeneration works even if she didn't react to the attack, while Minato has to. I'm not saying Minato can't react to some paper bombs exploting next to him, but eventually some attacks would impact; even Jiraiya didn't find Konan. Ranging from Naruto Manga Chapters 670-678 Details about Naruto Shippuden Nendoroid 1273 Naruto Uzumaki Sage of Six Path Action 425 Hatake Kakashi Vol People also love these ideas I present to you the 6 Paths of pain with Jiraiya! I even had a little fun with the positioning I present to you the 6 Paths of pain with Jiraiya! ... Naruto (Sage of.

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